Joan Tick drawings by Maude Black

Joan Tick, drawings by Maude Black Joan Tick is a musician and fiction writer who lives in New York City. Her music projects include Treasure and The Phenomenal Handclap Band. Her work has appeared in the literary magazine, Zen Monster, as well as Flavorwire and other music and culture blogs. She received her MFA in fiction writing from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and is currently working on second albums for both bands.!/pages/TREASURE/110446348985072 "Emus on the Bayou" along with the song "My Feather" comes from "Tea Parties" by Treasure and Maude Black-- a collection of songs, stories, and drawings. "Tea Parties" includes seven songs written and recorded by Joan Tick and Caleb Lindskoog of Treasure. Each song is accompanied by a short story written by Joan Tick and illustrated by Maude Black. Joan and Maude, long time friends, spent a summer in the woods concocting the stories and drawings inspired by the music. Each story aims to capture the spirit of the song in altered storytelling forms. Maude Black lives in a small space below a loose wooden floorboard and draws the spiderwebs into the night.