René Vázquez Díaz translated by Sandra Kingery

René Vázquez Díaz translated by Sandra Kingery Sandra Kingery is a Professor of Spanish at Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA. Kingery has published two translations by Ana María Moix, Julia and Of My Real Life I Know Nothing, as well as a translation of René Vázquez Díaz’s novel, Welcome to Miami, Doctor Leal. She was awarded a 2010 National Endowment for the Arts Translation Fellowship to complete her translation of a memoir by Esther Tusquets, We Won the War. Kingery is currently translating René Vázquez Díaz’s memoir, Cities by the Sea, where the author discusses how he came to leave Cuba and settle in Sweden. René Vázquez Díaz was born in Caibarién, Cuba, but has lived in Sweden since 1975. His most recent novel, Welcome to Miami, Doctor Leal, won the 2007 Radio France Internationale’s Juan Rulfo Prize. His books have been translated into English, French, Italian, Swedish and Finnish. “Macho Grande on the Balcony” is the second of five stories in Vázquez Díaz’s most recent book, El pez sabe que la lombriz oculta un anzuelo [Fish Know the Worm Is Covering a Hook] (2009). When asked why he chooses to situate his stories in Cuba in spite of living elsewhere for most of his adult life, Vázquez Díaz replied: “Ever since I was little, I was determined to caress the scars of the Cuban people, inventing literary destinies that help me understand who we are and what has happened between us.” Living at a distance from both Havana and Miami, Vázquez Díaz is a passionate and independent-minded analyst of the contradictions and peculiarities of Cuban politics both on the Island and in the United States.