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by Suzanne Alyssa Andrew

edited by Kathryn Mockler


Case No. #1213684-11B



INCIDENT: 00168028-110-2017





Officers recovered these electronic messages and posts from Stephanie Kostachuk’s cell phone pertaining to the plaintiff charged in incident 00168028-110-2017.


Section 1-1



To: craigslist 54307528

February 19

Hey, I saw your ad for a bass player.

I’m looking for a new project. I played bass in an all-girl metal cover band, then was the bassist and singer in an indie rock trio for three years, so I want to contribute vox to a new project, too.

I’d love to find out more!




From: craigslist 5430752841

To: 2b34da8e310236

February 20

Hi there, so a little about us: I’m on vocals and my guitarist is matt. Our sound is garage rock (a little nirvana, a little punk). We started the project together then added a drummer and a bassist. They didn’t work out now I want to find the right people. We’re jamming with a brand new drummer at the rehearsal factory tomorrow at 8 if you’d like to give it a try.





To: craigslist 54307528

February 22

Hi Brie,

I wasn’t able to make it last night but thanks for the invite!

Do you plan on adding keyboards at some point, too?

Asking because this sounds like an awesome project but my gut feeling is I should try something electronic. I’m really into dreampop and darkwave at the moment. 

Also, I’m in my 30s.

All my best,




From: craigslist 5430752841

To: 2b34da8e310236

February 22

We just need you on bass, and we won’t be going in that direction musically, but I want to try you out we’re practicing again monday at 8. See you there?


ps we’re all the same age with jobs so don’t worry about that



                        Feb. 22


                        Hey Mer, how’s your evening?

                        I have a chance to audition for

                        a new band. Should I do it? I’m        

                        excited to play again.


Hi lovely, I’m watching Game of Thrones.

So much DRAMA!!!

And my diva darling, I thought

you were going to start your

own band?!!!


                        True. This could be

                        fun in the meantime?!


Just make sure it FEELS right.


                        Okay! Enjoy GoT! oxox




To: craigslist 54307528

February 24

Hey Brie, okay, sure. I’ll try out. See you Monday night.




From: craigslist 5430752841

To: 2b34da8e310236

February 24

Room 9




                        Feb. 28 7:30 p.m.


                        Ro! I’m going to that audition I told

                        you about after all. I just want to play.

                        Headed there now.


Cool. Goof luck.



                        My coworkers wanted

                        me to text someone in

                        case they’re ax murderers!

                        They don’t trust Craigslist ads!

                        I’m sure it’s fine.

                        Rehearsal Factory is like the

                        Starbucks of practice spaces.


Haha! You’ll be alright :)

Text me after though



                        10:30 p.m.

                        Hey! No ax murderers. Heading

                        home. Fun times! Jammed along

                        with three of their songs. They’re

                        going to let me know.


What was their music like?


                        Straight ahead indie rock.

                        Easy chords, though the guitarist

                        plays in a weird tuning so I had to

                        transpose everything on the spot.

                        Really good drummer. So steady.


Sounds fun :)


                        Yeah! I’ll let you know if I get in. 

                        Still wish I coulda jammed with

                        you on some electronic stuff, but I

                        understand you’re busy. Want to grab

                        another drink though soon?


Sure. I’ll get back to you.



                        Feb 28


                        Hey Mer, auditioned for that band I

                        told you about. Felt awesome to jam!

                        It’s been months since my trio

                        broke up. I’m rusty!


That’s DELICIOUS, Steph!!!

But you don’t want a repeat

the past. The struggle of your last band

to rise from the basement

and perform in public was EPIC.

YOU are an ambitious one.

Are these players PERFORMERS?



                        Not at all chatty, so hard to say.

                        They charged me the $7.50 rehearsal space

                        split for the audition!? I won’t

                        quibble over seven bucks though.


I hope they’re more generous

with their playing! GOOD LUCK.



Oh. Haha, call your band



                        Right?! what do we need vwls for

                        nymr :S



                        Feb. 28


Hey, so matt, hassan n I chatted and

they want you in. you’ll play bass and

can do quiet backup vocals but I’m the singer.

next practice same time next week

studio 7


                        Sweet! Thanks Brie! I’ll practice the

                        chords Matt showed me and work

                        on basslines and harmonies.

                        Looking forward! :)



Facebook Amp Girl Private Band Chat March 6

Brie: We need to decide on a band name. why hasn’t anyone given suggestions yet? We talked about that.

Steph: Oh, right. I think Shadow Kitten or Whisper Season. I checked on Bandcamp and they’re both available.

Hassan: I like Whisper Season!

Brie: I like whisper season too.

Matt: It’s cool! I’m down with that!

Brie: But what about my suggestion, the lavinias? I said that one at practice. It’s what I want.

Matt: Sounds like an STD.



Facebook Amp Girl Private Band Chat March 10

Brie: Here’s the promo postor for the april show.

Hassan: It says Amp Girl? I thought we were Whisper Season.

Brie: I decided it was best to stick with our original name to bring out our audience.

Steph: Oh, I wish I’d known that. I spent a lot of time brainstorming and researching names.

Brie: You vetoed lavinias though and I still think that was the best name.

Steph: That was Matt, actually.

Brie: Whatever. If we can’t be teh lavinias we’re amp girl.



Facebook Amp Girl Private Band Chat March 12

Brie: Why hasn’t anyone promoted the show poster on their fb pages? Why am I doing this all myself?

Steph: I posted it and got ten likes. You liked it, too.

Hassan: I’m not really on Facebook except to check for band messages.

Matt: What room are we in for tomorrow’s rehearsal? Also, I might be a few minutes late.

Brie: 9! I’m sick of doing the bookings too!

Hassan: I can do the bookings.

Brie: None of you are contributing. it’s so frustrating!



Section 1-2


                        March 12


                        Hey Ro, what are you doing on Thursday night?

                        I have an extra ticket to see Beach House.


I’ll take the ticket.


                        Awesome! It’ll be fun!

                        The singer in my band is stressing about

                        a show we’re playing next month

                        and my work is busy. How are you?


Busy at work too.

How is she stressing?


                        We show up for every rehearsal, mostly

                        on time, but she says we’re not doing

                        enough. I never know what her

                        expectations are until she gets mad.


Sounds passive aggressive.


                        Yeah. Hopefully she’ll relax.


                        Looking forward to Thursday!



Section 1-3


Facebook Amp Girl Private Band Chat April 6

Matt: What time is load in for tomorrow night again?

Hassan: I think it’s 6:30 p.m. Brie?

Matt: Texted her and she didn’t reply.

Steph: I texted her to find out if there’s a guest list and she didn’t text back either. Anyone else know?

Matt: I think there is one. I’ll message one of the other bands and find out.

Matt: Yeah, there’s guest list. Send me names and I’ll put people on.

Hassan: Thanks for doing that. Add my brother please.

Steph: Amazing! Please add my friends Meredith and Rowan.

Matt: Done. Anyone hear from Brie yet?



                        April 7


Hello Steph.

I’m worried about tonight’s show

because nobody’s heard from Brie.

I’m not sure how we’re supposed

to play if she’s not talking to us.


                        Yeah, it’s weird. Do you think she’s

                        going to cancel?


We spent so much time rehearsing! I

guess we show up for sound check

and hope for the best. I have mixed

feelings about that because it

seems unfair and uncomfortable.



                        April 7


                        Thanks so much for coming to our

                        band’s first show, Ro! Why did you leave

                        before I could talk to you?


Had another thing had

to get to.


                        Cool. Sorry the set was rough. We

                        rehearsed but Brie wasn’t talking

                        to any of us before the show or onstage

                        which made it so challenging. She

                        showed up late for sound check with

                        no pants on then had a panic attack   

                        the green room. I didn’t know until

                        the minute we were on stage that

                        we were actually going to play the set!

                        We had a band meeting after though and

                        hashed it out.


That’s the craziest lead singer story

I’ve heard in a long time.

Is she unhinged?


                        It’s stressful dealing with her.


Lead singer syndrome is real.

Also funny.


                        Not joking!





                        April 7


That was terrible. I’m still embossed

we didn’t play a better set, especially

with my brother there.

Thanks so much for the talk

on the way home. I needed that

reassurance and validation.

I feel like I came close to quitting

the band tonight.


*embarrassed, sorry auto-correct


                        No worries.

                        I needed the chat too, and appreciated

                        the ride home. That band meeting Brie

                        insisted on after the set was intense.

                        In my other bands after a show

                        it was all hugs and vodka shots!


Yeah, same. Brie takes all of this

very seriously. I want to give her

a chance and understand.

I think a lot of it is nerves


                        Stage fright?


Yes. I feel like she freaked out

within her own self and then

when she couldn’t handle that

she took it out on us.


                        I get nervous onstage too, but

                        a band is a team, which should

                        make it easier!


For sure. Hope she heard what

we were saying and learned she

can trust us, so next time is better.



                        April 8 2:30 a.m.


Good base playung tonight.

You still up?



                        April 8 9:30 a.m.


                        Hey, Rowan. I turned my phone

                        off after I got home. Did you

                        want to chat about something?



                        April 8


                        Thanks again for coming to our show!

                        So sorry for the heated band meeting

                        after. I wanted to hang with you and have

                        a drink!


You played sooo well, Steph!

Your singer is TOXIC though.


                        She said she had stage fright.



She vibed me out.




                        April 12


                        Hey, have you heard the new single

                        by The Soft Moon? Reminded me of

                        the show we went to together at Lee’s Palace.


I’ll check it out.


                        How’s everything?


Good. Busy. How’s

the band now?


                        #Ugh #Mess



Section 1-4


Facebook Amp Girl Private Band Chat May 10

Brie: Did everyone learn the cover of heavy metal heart for tomorrow’s practice?

Hassan: I’m not sure that we discussed this?

Matt: Cover?

Steph: Didn’t realize we decided what cover to play yet?

Brie: We talked about this steph! YOU NEVER LISTEN TO ME!

Hassan: First I’ve heard of it, too, Brie.

Brie: None of you ever remember what I say in practice.



Facebook Amp Girl Private Band Chat May 11

Brie: We’re in studio 7 did all of you learn the cover?

Hassan: I had to work last night.

Matt: Not yet. Let’s jam it out tonight.

Steph: To be honest I’m not feeling it. Let’s choose a cover we all like.

Brie: We’re not going to do a cover anymore!



                        May 12


                        Hey, we’re playing another show.

                        May 22, at the Cameron House.


I will be there in SPIRIT to support YOU.

I’m going to an art gallery opening

that night in body presence!

How is the band vibe, IMPROVED?!


                        Nohhh. I feel like I can do no right.


I’m going to visualize your singer

in a GLASS BELL JAR, so her energy



                        Witchy! I like it!


Do not fight her negativity.

You cannot win against

an expression of EGO.

Take the HIGH ROAD.

Be the loveliest YOU.




                        May 12


                        Hey, we’re playing another show!

                        May 22 if you can make it.


I’ll have to check with Ellie.




Yeah, she’s nice. I think you’ll

get along.


                        Okay, well, look forward to meeting her.



                        May 12


                        Rowan has a new girlfriend.




                        I’m going to pretend my heart

                        didn’t just smash.


There are REASONS you’re

not dating him. Remember?

Rowan always cares most about Rowan.


I know it still hurts though.

HUGS! xoxoxo



Facebook Amp Girl Private Band Chat May 11

Brie: emergency! I’m printing the gig posters. I ran out of ink and chang3d the cartridge but the postrs r streaky! where can I print???

Matt: If you can wait til Monday I can print them at work.

Brie: No! It has to be this weekend so we can post them around!

Hassan: We have posters?

Steph: Kinkos is good. Isn’t it close to your place?

Brie: I’m devastated we can’t print. I give up on posters.



                        May 13


                        How’s the painting, Mer?!

                        I’m practicing my own stuff

                        tonight. I wish I could write a song

                        but I’m exhausted.


I’m having a glass of wine in my

pajamas! Taking it easy.



                        Yes! Some people are

                        so draining to be around.


Energy vampires. STAY AWAY!


                        Yeah. I’m trying to take the high road

                        (like you said!) with Brie but

                        she ignores it.


Keep it up though! It might shift

things. Energy changes things.

Shall we have

DRINKS next week? <3








Facebook Messenger

Message to Jason J May 14

                   Hey Jason! Thanks for coming to the Amp Girl show!

                   I’m wondering if you would please share what happened

                   when you were the bass player? The music is fun to play

                   but the atmosphere is frosty, which is something I’m not

                   used to.


Hey, it was good to see you there. And there were definitely specific

reasons why I left Amp Girl aside from concentrating on my new band.

When I joined Brie made it clear it was her project and sound.

At that point I was already one foot out the door. At rehearsals no

one said anything. Frosty is the perfect word for it. I guess you can

say creative differences. Anyway, this is just between you and me.


                    Thanks so much. This is helpful as my experience is similar.

                    I definitely prefer to collaborate! This is also between you

                    and me but I’m looking for another project.


To invest in a band and not have creative input isn’t great. I’ll let

you know if I hear of something else.




                        May 14


                        Hey, Hassan. Out of curiosity,

                        did Brie make it seem like the

                        previous drummer and bassist

                        were asked to leave or left?


Hello Steph,

It was my understanding

they weren’t a good fit.

But I didn’t ask for the

whole story. I didn’t think

it was my business to.


                        I just found out they quit.


Oh. Really?

That is a surprise to me.

I don’t know what to say.

I will think on that.





                         May 14, 8:46 p.m.


                        Hey, how’s your night going?


Out with friends from

work. I think I drank too

much on an empty stomach.


                        Hope you feel better!



                        May 15, 2:22 a.m.


Stephhhhhh! U stilll up?



Facebook Amp Girl Private Band Chat May 17

Hassan: We’re in room 8 for rehearsal tonight.

Brie: I’m bringing the band zine. It’s done and going to sell it at our show and I want you to promote it.

Matt: We have a zine?

Brie: yes, I made it.



                        May 17


Hello Steph,

Sorry to interrupt your day, but

the more I think about it, the

more uncomfortable I feel about

that zine Brie made. Where did the

anti-government stuff come from?

It’s like she’s trying to be anarchist

but it reads like right wing fake news

instead. We’re in our 30s, not a

high school punk band. I don’t feel it

speaks for all of us.


                         Hey Hassan, I’m feeling the same way.

                         She should have talked it through

                         with us. I wish we could work together

                         on these things.


I also didn’t like that she used a photo of us

without asking. She looks good but

I don’t like that photo of me.

The whole thing is embarrassing.

I couldn’t talk about it at tonight’s practice

But I also don’t want to fight about it

after the show in a “band meeting.”

We could just ignore it and play

another tense show or address it.

Thinking about calling Brie tomorrow.


                        I want us to have open communication

                        but Brie shuts us out. She walked

                        into Rehearsal Factory tonight

                        without even saying hello. It’s like

                        she resents me for playing in the



I’m not sure if I can do this anymore.


                        I know. It’s late and this is a big

                        decision though.  


Touch base again tomorrow,

see how we feel?


Yeah, I’ll message you.



                        May 18, 11 a.m.


I thought it over and I can’t

play another tense show. Brie

is unpredictable and she crossed

a line with the zine. I don’t think

this is a good project for me anymore.


                        I don’t feel good about playing

                        the show and if we can’t resolve

                        our conflicts I can’t be in the band either.


I don’t think it’s going to get better,

Steph. I can talk to Brie today on

behalf of both of us if you feel

comfortable with that.


                        Okay. Yes. I appreciate that.


                        May 18, 4 p.m.


Hello Steph, I wanted to let you know

I called Brie from my therapist’s office

and it’s done. I quit and said you’re out too.

Brie was quiet but she knows she did wrong.

She did say sorry.


                        Thank you Hassan. I know that

                        couldn’t have been easy.

                        Sounds like you handled it well.


I’m glad we were able to talk it over.

That made it easier. I’m exhausted

right now so will have to talk to you

More later.


                        I really liked playing in a band

                        with you. Maybe we can jam

                        again sometime!


Sounds good.



                        May 18


                        Hey Matt, did Hassan talk to you?


Hey, didn’t talk to Hassan but

Brie let me know the news. I’m sad

but I also get it. It’s been so tense.


                        Yeah, unfortunately that’s true.

                        we made some good music together

                        but had very different working styles.

                        There were a lot more hugs in my previous

                        bands so this was a different experience.

                        I really enjoyed jamming with you though.

                        Let’s stay in touch. I’m going to be around

                        and looking for new projects.



                        May 18


                        My band just broke up! Feeling heartbroken.


That’s bound to be painful, hon.

I HEAR that, but I also see

a situation that had PLAYED OUT

the way is now clear for

you to GROW. You’ll

be better off. Your singer was

toxic. How did it happen?


                        My drummer called her. From his therapist’s



He’s a GOOD MAN.


                        I’m going to get him to have all my difficult

                        conversations for me from now on!


HAHA! that’s handy.

He stood up for you!


                        Yes, he did. I’m still taking the high road.

                        I said I’d play in a band with him again. Matt







That seems SOOOON to talk about.


I guess so. Well, we’ll see.

How’s your evening going?


Good. I’m in the studio.



                        You’re amazing. I can’t wait to come see

                        your next gallery show!


I need to renegotiate things

with the curator. Lend me

your drummer for the

difficult conversation? <3


                        Of course!





                        May 18, 7:18 p.m.


                        Ro, my band broke up. It feels like I

                        Just broke up with three people.

                        But it wasn’t working anymore.

                        Thanks for coming to our show.

                        That meant a lot.


Sorry to hear. You’ll find

another band. Lots of bands need

bass players


                        If you ever want to jam let me know.



                        May 18, 9:02 p.m.


Want to come to a DJ event

tonight? Ellie is out of town.


                                    What time?


I’ll be at Velvet Underground

by 11.


                                    Cool. See you then :)





                        May 19


Hey so since yesterday Brie’s

tried texting and calling 6 times.

I was very clear but she said she

was confused about our conversation.

I told her I couldn’t talk again and I’m

emotionally drained now by her.

Has she been in touch with you?


                        Yikes! Brie hasn’t contacted me

                        at all. It looks like she unfriended

                        me on Facebook, too. I texted

                        Matt and he says he gets it.

                        No hard feelings there.


I can’t believe she would unfriend

you! That’s mean. And weird. Does

she blame you? I’m the one who quit!

However, I still feel good about our decision.

I’m going to try and put it out of my

head. Touch base on the weekend?


                        Yes. Take it easy Hassan!



Steph Kostachuk Facebook status, May 19

I’m sad to say this week saw the end of Amp Girl, the band I was in, over creative differences. The four of us made great music together while it lasted and I’m grateful for the friendships. The band may be back later with a different line-up, but I’m choosing to move in a new direction musically. Thank you so much to everyone who supported the band this year by coming to our shows and listening to our songs.

            Jess Eng Too bad! All the best with your new projects!

            Evan Smith Onward and upward

            Jeff Carleton Incredibly unprofessional to bail on a show.

Steph Kostachuk It wasn’t my initiative. It’s something that happened as a group. We would have played the show if we were able. We just weren’t.

                        Rowan Rose Steph, are you a professional musician?

                        Steph Kostachuk Haha, no, music is my fun side gig.

                         Rowan Rose Tagging the group unprofessional is unfair. Pay no attention Steph!

             Felicia Annabel Sorry to hear!



                        May 19


Who’s that Jeff guy? He’s

a moron. Don’t listen to him.


I’m sorry your band broke up.


                        Thanks Rowan, and yeah, that wasn’t

                        helpful when I’m already feeling

                        bad about the breakup, but I’m not

                        going to let it get to me.


And his music videos suck.

I looked him up on Fb.


                        Not my favourite either.

                        He’s friends with the guitarist from the

                        band so I guess he’s upset about the

                        break up and blaming me it was the

                        drummer who quit and I wouldn’t

                        play without him. Anyway,

                        I don’t need this.


No you don’t.

Anyway, have to go.

Ellie’s here.



                        May 19


Hey Steph, I finally replied to Brie and her

response was vicious. My therapist

said it was verbal abuse so I’m going

to distance myself from her.

If you were thinking of contacting her

I recommend against it. Stay a safe

distance away.


                        I’m sorry that happened, Hassan.

                        Thanks for the advice. I’ll definitely take it.



May 20

Facebook notification: Matt Owens posted on the event page for Garage Night hosted by Jenna Side at Stop Drop & Roll featuring Sweater Pants, Mazola and Amp Girl on May 22.


Matt Owens

Saturday night! Come out to hear us play! We’re doing an acoustic mishmash with guest Rowan Rose on drums!

            Rowan Rose Yes!

            Jeff Carleton I double booked myself! Can’t be there, sorry!

            Amy Lowe Sweet



                        May 20


                        Rowan, WTF?

                        You’re playing with Amp Girl?




                        May 20


Oh wow. Brie and Matt are going to

play the show anyway, without us.

It feels tactless like we didn’t mean

anything. It doesn’t feel good that they

were so quick to replace me.


                        I don’t understand it at all, Hassan.

                        I’ll definitely be with friends

                        night of the show elsewhere if

                        you want to join.



                        May 23


Steph, did you hear the news yet?


                                    I just woke up. What happened?


I wasn’t there, but Brie panicked

again. She didn’t manage to wear shoes,

or comb her hair but had on a T-shirt dress

she ripped up during the opening song.

Then she yelled at the drummer for messing up.

The drummer stood, visibly drunk,

fell over his drum kit and grabbed her.

He pushed her but was much bigger and she

did a header off the stage. No one in the audience

tried to catch her. There was a video online

but the police already took it down.


                                    My god. Is she okay?


No, she didn’t make it.


That drummer Rowan was charged

with manslaughter, I think. Or

aggravated assault. Or. Not sure.

They arrested him.  




Do you know that guy?


                                    He’s a friend.


                                    Or was.


I think she was very unstable at the end.


Gotta go, police are at my door.


                                    This is such a mess.

                                    Sending hugs, Hassan!




                          May 23


                          Matt, I just heard. What happened?


If you didn’t quit the band

none of this would have happened.

Go to hell. Brie was my friend.



                        May 23


                        Hi Meredith, thanks for the drinks

                        last night. Something horrible happened

                        at the Amp Girl show. Check the online

                        news. I’m in shock and upset, obviously.


                        I feel like your intuition about everyone

                        was right all along. I should have listened.


                        The police are here and want my

                        phone for evidence. Sorry, but that

                        includes a few of our texts. Don’t

                        worry about texting back right now.

                        I’ll call you later. xoxo