Our style guide is a mix of Chicago Manual, AP style, and common sense for online publishing.

Paragraphs & Sections

Section breaks are delineated by “*” and a single break. These should be centered. Big blank gaps look weird onscreen.

For numbered paragraph stories leave off the initial number: “1” or “One.” Our layout forces a drop cap on the first letter and this looks strange on a single word or character.


Bolded, but not all-capped.


All numbers below 100 are spelled out (one, two, ten, fifty-six, etc). All numbers above are numerical. Exceptions allowed for effect, or it’s a name or trademark: “Combo No. 3” or “7-Eleven.”

Spelling and Capitalization

Trademarks capped: Kleenex, Lego, etc.

Use US spelling for US sections. Use Canadian and UK spelling for Canadian and Consulate sections. Please, no single quotation marks for dialogue—that’s just un-American!


Use for all referenced titles, including fictional ones. Try to avoid using it for emphasis.


We use serial commas, and that’s that.

We avoid, the Shatner comma whenever, possible.